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My name is Renae Elliott
A few years ago I met a client who was in her mid 50’s. She had lost some weight on her own & was looking for a extra bit of exercise. She had already been doing Dragon boating socially. She had done exercise before but never stuck to something for long term. She lacked energy & ate raspberry and white chocolate muffins daily. Being in her 50’s and watching her aging parents have different health problems made her want to be different to them & get fit. 

Within a few months of joining the Outdoor Challenge you could see her fitness improving. Instead of struggling to finish she was getting throught the activities and looking for more. She had a stressful job & found it hard to switch off. She was troubled with a knee injury first then a shoulder injury. Most people at this point would have said they better stop truing for a while to rest up & recover. For months she still turned up to each session & we worked on the things that she could do. Still making her part of the group but not risking any of her injuries. I tell you she has ABS OF STEEL NOW! 

With regular exercise, determination, support and encouragement things started to improve. She found exercise as a stress reliever and the group support made her want to come to each session. From working to her ability& gaining strength in her legs and shoulders she can now do most activities better than she ever  has before. She is now rehabilitated of her injuries and beats most of the younger people in the group. 
Other members say that she is there inspiration and they want to be like her. She is now confident, Happy , Strong & someone i truly admire. 
she is some one that constantly reminds me why I started in this industry and how I want to be able to inspire more people to be like her. 


Why should you train with Elliott’s Personal Training?


There are many reasons - but here are just some of my favourite

You are SUPPORTED & ENCOURAGED to be the best you can be
You have the option to train OUTSIDE in the parks or INSIDE in a private studio 
My Sessions are CHILD FRIENDLY
All sessions are planned around improving your fitness so that you feel better and HAVE MORE ENERGY
We train at a HIGH INTENSITY so you get FITTER QUICKER. 
Meet Friends, gain confidence, strength & Fitness With Elliott’s Personal Training
SESSIONS ARE FUN AND DIFFERENT so you are always kept guessing and enjoy working out

Best of all

Unlike large gyms & fitness centres at Elliotts PT I believe in keeping things personal. 

This Means
 - Offering smaller classes and more one on one time with your trainer. (me!)
 - You are supported, encourage and offered more personal attention. Not left to your own devices. 
 - With smaller group numbers, sessions are modified to suit all fitness level & abilities.
 - Modifications can be made for injuries to ensure you rehabilitate while staying fit. 
 - By having child friendly classes means that Mums can work out with there babies instead of putting them into a creche
I want all of my clients to feel how important they are to me & how important there health and fitness goals are to me. I offer more one on one attention during sessions and outside of sessions because I care. 
I want you to be challenged, to be looked after & get to where you want to be.
Elliotts Personal Training helps you become the Fit energetic person you want to be

Outdoor Sessions are held on Fishermans Road & Studio Sessions are held at 2 Hawthorn Crt Buderim 




Renae’s classes are extremely fun, interesting, challenging, and rewarding! I’ve never been one to stay motivated when exercising but I’m so keen to go to the classes every week, and so grateful that I’ve found such a lovely trainer who is supportive, non judgemental and encouraging. I’m feeling better physically and emotionally, even just after a few months. It’s just the outlet I need inbetween being a full time mum to 3 crazy boys! Thanks so much Renae!!
— Chelsea McGregor
I have been training with Renae for nearly two years. Every time I train Renae has something new and exciting planned. She always encourages and helps me push myself to get the most out of my workout. She is awesome!! I can’t speak highly enough of her drive, enthusiasm and commitment to her clients.
— Kym Warren
Renae has been training me for nearly 6 months. Despite me having quite a few restrictions from issues with my mobility, Renae has found ways to adapt the bootcamp sessions to allow me to get involved and love cardio again! Wonderful atmosphere and love seeing the gainz from the the always changing programs and sound dietary advice. Renae’s dedicated and passionate about fitness as well as a very caring, lovely person. Highly recommended
— Nicole Ipson
Training with Renae post baby was amazing. She helped me regain my strength & fitness whilst losing the baby weight the smart way. She focuses on strengthening your body at a reasonable pace from the inside out. She focuses on good form & is encouraging, knowing when you’re ready to be pushed to the next level. Now pregnant again, I’m having some issues with my hips/pelvis. She’s tailoring the exercises for me to help protect my injury whilst I attempt to maintain some level of strength & fitness. No matter where you are on your fitness journey Renae will help you achieve your goals!
— Eloise Claire



When you start training at Elliott’s Personal Training you get
 - Flexible timetable with option to train OUTSIDE in parks or INSIDE in a private studio
 - Bring along your child and train with them
 - High intensity training so you get fitter quicker
  - Have a different session each time so your body will be challenged and you will never be bored.
 - Be  SUPPORTED & ENCOURAGED to be the best you can be
 - Have planned session around improving your fitness so that you feel better and HAVE MORE ENERGY
 - Smaller group sessions so you get more personal motivation & one on one with the trainer

Spaces are limited so contact us today to secure you spot 



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FAQ and Answers

Can I Afford this?
Unlimited group classes are $5 a day. Thats is less than the cost of a coffee a day. If you can afford a coffee a day they you can afford Elliotts PT!

What happens if it is wet?
We keep training! There is shelters and undercover areas where we can  go. In fact some of our best sessions are in the rain.  

Do I need to buy any equipment?
All equipment is supplied. I use a a variety of equipment to keep things fun and interesting. 
If you do have a exercise Mat I recommend that you bring that along with you.  

I haven’t exercised in a while and feel really unfit. Can I still do this?

I train a wide range of fitness levels. Each session is designed with different options so you work at your own level.  Exercises can be scaled to make easier or harder depending upon the individual.

What if I can’t make it to a session?
You are more than welcome to make the session up as long as its within the 4 week block. Missed sessions can not be carried over

Am I locked into a contract?
You are not locked into any contract. You pay for the challenge block of 4 weeks and once finished decide if you want to continue with the next challenge. All payments are to be made by Direct debit. 

What if I get sick or go on holiday? Do I still get charged?
If you notify me at the start of the block that you are going away we can make arrangements so you will not be charged. If you are sick during the challenge there is make up sessions available. 

What are your qualifications? Are you insured?
Yes I'm fully insured– My qualifications include
Certificate  III & IV in Fitness
Advanced Bootcamp instructor
Gym Instructor
Personal Trainer
Older Adults Trainer
Metafit Instructor
Exercise Nutrition
Pre & Post pregnancy
Hula Hoop Instructor
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