12 Week Summer challenge starting 16th September


This challenge is aimed to get a head start on your dream summer body.

12 week challenge-2.png


The challenge will run for 12 weeks starting from the 16th of SEPTEMBER  2019

What do you get? 

- Home workouts 
- Food & recipe ideas 
- Private support group for Challenge members only page
- Motivation to become the best version of yourself
- Personalised Food plans to suit your lifestyle
- Group fitness classes 

What is the cost? 

Each member is to pay a one off fee of  $25- to enter into this challenge. 
This Entry Fee will become the prize money for the winner. (The amount will depend on how many people join.)
Plus your normal weekly class fees

What do I expect from you? 

- I expect 100% dedication
- I want you to push yourself and get results 
- Minimum of 4 days a week training either at home or in group classes
- No excuse clean eating for duration of challenge. Sticking to your macros and food plan
- Put everything into it - work hard & kick goals  
- Complete daily tasks in order to gain points which will help determine the winner 

How Does the Point System work 
- on our private Facebook page you will be expected to complete tasks, upload photos and motivate in order to gain points. 

Some tasks that will be gain your points include 

* Posting daily to help motivate in private FB group - 2 points  
* Posting an after workout selfies with #elliottsptsummerchallenge - 5 points
* Recipe Food prep and picture proof - 5 points
* Complete extra activités and post selfie - 5 points
* Reaching 12000 steps daily & posting proof - 2 points 
* Completing Sunday check- ins by 8pm email to me - 5 points 
* Meditation- ME TIME using ap - 2 points 

How does the winner get determined

The winner will not only be determined by the points won
but merit will also be awarded by goals achieved, participation, motivation, support. 
improvements in fitness tasks and measurements. 

SIGN UP TO THE 12 week Challenge via the form below - I can’t wait to get started with you

SIGN UP TO THE 12 week Challenge via the form below - I can’t wait to get started with you

Name *

Make Protein the Hero of your plate

Make protein your hero-2.png

Im sure you’ve a heard about protein and seen people taking protein shakes after a workout. I bet your think this is only for people wanting to BULK - But we really should all think about increasing our protein.

You don’t need to go crazy and start taking lots of protein shakes - Protein should come in the foods we eat. MAKE PROTEIN YOUR HERO OF EVERY MEAL

Protein is the main component of cells and is essential to life.

Numerous studies suggest that a high protein diet has major benefits for weight loss and metabolic health.

Here are some reasons why you should be making Protein the hero of your plate.

  1. Protein is said to reduce appetite and hunger levels.

The 3 macronutrients - fats, carbs & protein - affect your body in different ways. Studies show that protein is by far the most filling & can help you feel full. If you are wanting to lose weight or belly fat - consider replacing some of your carbs and fats with protein.

2. Increase Muscle Mass and strength

Protein is the building block of your muscles. By eating adequate amounts of protein helps you maintain you muscle mass and promotes muscle growth when you do strength training. Keeping your protein intake high can also prevent muscle loss during weight loss.

3. Protein can reduce cravings and the desire for a late night snack.

A food cravings is different from hunger. Ifs not about your body needing energy or nutrients its your brain needing a reward. Cravings can be incredibly hard to control - the best way to overcome them may be to reduce them in the first place.

one of the best prevention methods is to increase your protein.

4. Helps maintain weight loss

As high protein diets boosts metabolism it can lead to an automatic reduction in calorie intake and cravings. Many people who increase their protein intake tend to lose weight. An increase in protein intake has shown to help with weight maintenance for the long term


5. Helps you stay fit as you age

As you age your muscles gradually weaken. Eating more protein is one of the best ways to reduce age related muscles deterioration. Staying physically active is also crucial and lifting weights, doing resistance exercises can work wonders.

So we all know the protein is important but how can you try to increase it in your diet.
The foods below are great sources of protein and not all protein needs to be meat.


I would try to think with every meal what is your main protein source.


  • You can only digest 30g of protein at a time.

  • A 115g of chicken breast is approximately only 30g of protein

  • You are better to distribute your protein throughout the day so you have a better chance of absorbing your protein and getting maximum benefits

  • It can take 1.5 hours for a protein shake to pass through the gut to be absorbed. The maximum rate whey protein can be absorbed is 8-10g per hour.

Even though a higher protein intake can have health benefits for many people, it is not necessary for everyone.

Most people already eat around 15% of their calories from protein, which is more than enough to prevent deficiency

However, in certain cases, people can benefit from eating much more than that — up to 25–30% of calories.

If you need to lose weight, improve your metabolic health, or gain muscle mass and strength, make sure you’re eating enough protein

What Alice has to say about Elliott's PT


Alice has been training with Elliott’s PT for many years now. I have been lucky enough to see Alice through some many important life events. Her wedding, pregnancy and she has trained since the birth of her Son. Alice has been able to make exercise fit into her lifestyle with her little boy. She now uses exercise as a stress relief. She is fit, strong and one super Mum.

What were your greatest frustrations before you started training with Elliott’s PT?

Wanting to feel fit and good about my body

What other programs did you try before that weren’t successful?

Going to the gym but with no classes or guidance from a PT

What is your favorite result that you’ve experienced so far?

Overall a feeling of pride at what my body is able to do. I also enjoy the way my body looks now and I finally feel comfortable in my own skin

Did you have any fears or apprehension before you started working with me?

I was nervous because I didn't know how I would go meeting new people and "fitting in" but I always feel so welcome and comfortable. I've never once felt judged for the way I look, for my fitness level or for doing a modified exervise. Everyone truly is there to go at their own pace and I love that about your approach - it's really individualised.

How would you say this program is different than others you’ve tried?

As above - it's very personal. You make the effort to get to know people and what will work for them.

If someone is debating whether or not to work with Elliott’s PT, what would you tell them?

Just give it a go! Get to know you and after one session they will be able to see how much passion you have for what you do

What is something you can do now that you weren’t able to do before you started?

Well... I can run/jog (kinda) but that's one thing I've always felt never "fit" with me but now I don't care and just give it a go.

How would those close to you describe the difference they’ve seen in you?

My self esteem about my body :)

What has surprised you most since you started?

That now I've turned to exercise to help manage stress and anxiety and I can tell how much I need it.

What were your goals when you started; what are you still working to achieve?

Since having Eli it's changed and evolved. From getting my strength, balance and fitness back, to working on increasing my muscle and tone. I'm keen to increase my muscle tone further and tighten my lose flabby areas but I know it will take time.

5 Steps to Creating Awesome Habits

YOu are so much stronger than you think-6.png

Im all about creating a healthy lifestyle that you can stick to forever. Exercise shouldn't be a chore or something you do a punishment. 
Humans are creatures of habit and some habits don’t make us very happy

You want to look, feel and perform at your best right?

How can you do this? You can start by taking a good look at your current habits
Because so often our success levels will come from our daily practices

Here are five of my steps to creating awesome habits.

Take a step back look at your current situation
What are your daily habits
Are there any bad habits that have become the norm
List out the things that you find yourself doing every day good and bad 
For example brushing your teeth, or snacking mindlessly in between meals

Identified as winners and losers in your daily habits
What is going to support your goals for the next 3,6,12 months

Have a look at why you do these things
For example if it’s snacking after your dinner 
Think about why do you do this?
What is your motivation behind this? 
It could be maybe because you skipped lunch then let’s take a little bit deeper  - Why did you skip lunch was it because you didn’t have enough time to busy at work or  was it because you didn’t have enough food prepared

Have a look at your habits and see what is holding you back
Is there something you want to eliminate
You could change these bad habits and create a new supportive good habit

It’s time to take action and reinforce your new habits
Try to do this daily as frequent or as frequently as you can and infrequent action will not become a habit at home she may not want to you may want to fall back into your old routine but take control and move destructive habits out of your life no matter how comfortable they are

My TIP would be to start small and work on one habit at a time. Small incremental changes will become life long changes
TAKE ACTION TODAY - What habits do you want to change?

At Elliotts PT I believe in creating REALISTIC lifestyle habits that you can stick to for ever 



When I first had my baby girl I couldn’t wait to get back into exercise but I knew I had to do it the right way what is somethings that I put into place to make sure that I didn’t injure myself and returning to exercise

Firstly for the first six weeks I spent my time focusing on posture

Keeping my shoulders back My core engaged & my hips tucked in

I tired to standing as tall as I could. As a new mum you’re feeding you are bending over a lot, bending to pick up your baby twisting to get into a carseat. I tried to make sure that I stood up and I focused on my posture just by focusing on my posture I automatically was engaging my core a lot more


Secondly whenever I fed my baby I tried to have a stretch after with my son I did get a sore back and buy number two I know somethings to change so after each feed I did a little stretch for my upper and lower back and it made the world of difference


Thirdly I went out and I bought some new clothes that fitted me correctly. It was making me feel annoyed that I didn’t fit quite into my pre-pregnancy clothes so I bought some new clothes that fitted me. I got a pair of high waisted jeans that fitted me properly so when I went out I felt comfortable and confident

These are the things I started with after having a baby. Small steps lead to big changes


CONSISTENCY is the key 

It has taken me about 12 months to get back to my pre pregnancy strength and size

I don’t believe in going on crazy diets or restricting I believe you need to find something you can live with and stick to it 

I focused on what was good for me and my baby and what made me feel good🤱

I first focused on rebuilding my core strength and getting the foundations right first 


I enjoy running but wasnt been allowed to run till after six months due to pelvic floor issues as frustrating as this was ( running is a big stress relief for me) it was worth taking the time out to make sure everything healed properly and I shouldnt have issues later on in life

I now feel stronger than before and have a whole new set of goals but I’m setting out to achieve🏋️

To any new mums out there please be patient and know that it takes time and enjoy every moment with your new baby as it goes so fast 


New year New you challenge






The challenge will run for 8 weeks starting from the 8th of January Finishing on 2nd March

What do you get? 

- 4 Home workouts a week
- Food & recipe ideas
- Private support group for Challenge members only
- Motivation to become the best version of yourself


What is the cost? 

Each member is to pay a $25- entry fee into this challenge. 
This Entry Fee will become the prize money for the winner. the amount will depend on how many people join.

What do I expect from you? 

- I expect 100% dedication
- I want you to push yourself and get results
- Minimum of 4 days a week training either at home or in group classes
- No excuse clean eating for duration of challenge
- Put everything into it - work hard & kick goals  
- Complete daily tasks in order to gain points which will help determine the winner

How Does the Point System work

- on our private Facebook page you will be expected to complete tasks, upload photos and motivate in order to gain points. 

Some tasks that will be gain your points include

* Posting daily to help motivate in private FB group - 2 points  
* Posting an after workout selfies with #elliottsptnewyearchallenge2018 - 5 points
* Recipe Food prep and picture proof - 5 points
* Complete extra activités and post selfie - 5 points
* Reaching 12000 steps daily & posting proof - 2 points
* Completing Sunday check- ins by 8pm email to me - 5 points

How does the winner get determined

The winner will not only be determined by the points won
but merit will also be awarded by goals achieved, participation, motivation, support. 
improvements in fitness tasks and measurements. 

 I’m EXCITED for this - I  believe in all of you and know you can do this with me



Beach Paddle Fitcamp


What is Beach Paddle FITCAMP?

A High Energy Beach Bootcamp followed by paddleboarding & then a relaxing core strength session… 

We will start with a warm up on the beach - Followed by a workout on the beach which includes Games, fun activities & of course exercise. we will be spilt into teams and have some friendly competition… 
We will then make our way down to Cotton Tree where we will then do some paddleboarding… We will have some friendly races - Then also have a workout on your board

After our paddleboard session - We will make our way back to the beach where we will have a core & stretch session. Followed by a few nice treats… 

When- September 10th 2016
Where - Maroochydore Beach
Cost - $45 for Members
$60 for Non- Members
Time- 8.00am  - 10.30am
PLEASE arrive 15 minutes early to get ready  

What you need to bring - 
*A towel
*Wear comfortable clothes that can be wet
*Ensure that you have filled out your enrolment forms

Limited numbers so book your space now!! 

What an HONOUR - TOP 10 PT



I was totally honoured to be mentioned in the top 10 Personal Trainers of the Sunshine Coast a few weeks ago - I just thought that I must write something on here to show my appreciation. 

I FEEL SO LUCKY I have the best job in the world - I get to meet amazing people and work with them to help them achieve there goals. Everyone is different & that is what makes us all unique. 


I get to be outdoors in the beautiful parks and beaches most days & coming from a desk job previously it truly is amazing!


Its a honour to work with all the people I do - We have been through lots together - joy, tears, bumps backwards then forwards! The biggest reward is seeing everyone achieve your goals and get to where you want to be. Hearing people say they feel confident within themselves, they feel happy and satisfied. Hearing people say they now can run after there children which they couldn’t before - that in itself makes my job so rewarding. 



 I love hearing how people now see fitness as a way of life not a chore, how some are making different choices with there food & I truly love seeing parents work out in front of there kids. What a great message to be sending to your kids. 


It was overwhelming seeing everyones responses - support and encouragement. Something I will remember - I  am always trying to find ways to make my sessions fun so you don’t get bored with exercise. I want to always keep your body guessing so you are always getting results. I truly care about everyone who is part of the Elliott’s PT community and feel special that we have such a great bond between us all - so thank you for all your votes. Its nice to be appreciated. 

Renae x

Food is your friend

FOOD IS YOUR FREIND -Don't be afraid of food - it’s VITAL. Food give us our energy & is said to be 80% of your results - so with great workouts we need to make sure that we are eating to right foods. I believe in eating as little processed food as possible and trying to make everything I can from scratch. I’m not a chef - I have taught myself how to live a clean healthy lifestyle. I notice a difference when I eat badly in my mood & energy levels. I feel more tired. Knowing the side effects of eating badly is what motivates me to make sure that I eat as well as I can?
Being organised is the key and planning ahead. I believe that eating the right foods regularly is the key to a healthy lifestyle. I personally try to have 5 meals a day. This is what my day generally looks like for eating.
7.00am Breakfast
10.00 am Snack
12.30pm Lunch
3.00 Snack
6.30 Dinner
Have a look at what you’re eating and some ways that you can replace some not so healthy items for healthier items
For example
Soft drink- swap that for water
Pasta - swap for zucchini or corguettes
Rice - swap for greater cauliflower
Cheese - try cottage Cheese
Cereal or toast for breakfast - try a meat breakfast 100g of mince with green beans
Flavoured Yoghurt - Try Greek Yoghurt
Wine or beer - swap for spirit and soda
Look at the sugars on the back of all packets of food. When items are labelled LOW FAT they are not necessarily the best option. Sometimes the low fat options of food have been tampered with so much it has more sugars in it than the FULL FAT PRODUCT. Check the back of your labels - if it has too many different ingredients of things you don't even know then maybe it’s better to choose something that is less processed.
When getting frozen meals or things off the shelves I always think how can it last so long on a shelve - what has been added to it to preserve the product.
When going food shopping it is said you really don't need to go down the middle isles you can do all of your shopping on the perimeter.
Look at your portion size - Are you eating meals that are too big for you? I believe your plate should be loaded with vegetables and salads and you should have about 100g of meat. Most of the plate should be your green vegetables.
Some studies have shown people that use smaller size plates tend to not eat as much. Where if you have large plates you generally want to fill it up.

Are you snacking on the wrong foods? I try not to have any sweets or crisps in the house. Only because I know that I will be tempted to eat them if they are there. If I don't have things organised I will tend to snack on things that I can get my hands on quickly. By having meals prepared and frozen I can grab a healthier option that is going to be better for me.
Lastly try to think of your body as a car engine - if you fill up your car with the wrong fuel is it going to run efficiently. Give your body what it needs & what is going to make it run the best it can. 
DRINKING WATER is vital try to drink a minimum of 2 litres a day and an extra litre for every hour you exercise. - We are made up of over 50% water don't let yourself get hydrated. Try to keep a water bottle with you at all times so you can sip away.
SLEEP is also just as important. When we are sleeping our bodies are repairing themselves and recovering from exercise. Try to have at least 6-8 hours sleep a night. 

DE STRESS - Try to relax as much as you can. We all have different stresses in our lives family, work, kids etc. Some of us when we are stressed tend to take it out on food -"I’m stressed I need a chocolate bar" we can all be emotional eaters - be conscious of how your feeling and when you do when you feel that way. When we are stressed the stress hormone cortisol is released in our bodies & can be responsible to certain stress related changes in our bodies. Exercise can be a great stress release. Take out your stresses on your workout - you generally will feel better after - I know I do


Renae x


I wanted to share some tips to help keep us motivated this WINTER - We have had the shortest day now things are only looking up and it will be starting to get lighter and then summer will be here before we know it… 


Staying motivated this winter requires a change to only one thing: your mindset.

Instead of avoiding the cold lets EMBRACE IT - they say that training in any conditions builds character - getting outside and getting some fresh air is always good for your mind and well as your body… I know I can definitely push myself more when its colder as im not battling the humidity or heat. 

Focus on the benefits - I know it can be hard to get out of bed early in the mornings or you want to go home when its dark - thats why I always remind myself of the benefits that exercise brings you. If You want to manage your stress levels, have an abundance of energy and feel good about yourself rather than falling asleep at your desk, feeling overwhelmed and overweight. 

Get a piece of paper and write down all the ways exercise adds to the quality of your life. Stick it on the fridge, along with your photo, and read it regularly, particularly when you are feeling flat.

Its good to take before and after photos - we look at ourselves every day so you don’t realise how much you do change. 
Make sure you have taken a photo so you will be able to compare. Best is in your bathers or undies - no one has to see it but yourself! seeing results is always MOTIVATING!! 

I feel if we all get our heads around eating right and chosen the rights foods - you are going to benefit so much in your every day life - you will feel amazing, have more energy, things will seem clearer & weight loss will be an added bonus. 

I want to make sure that you are eating enough - Food is our full and we need fuel to get on with our lives. If you aren’t eating enough your body will just store everything as it goes into starvation mode cause it doesnt know when you will be eating next. 

My tips would be to

* Make sure you get in a good breakfast - this will set you up for the day
* Try to eat 6 small meals throughout the day- this will keep your metabolism going and you are less likely to reach for junk because you are starving
* Plan your meals ahead so you know what your eating and don’t get any takeaway etc cause you cant be bothered. 
* Drink lots of Water - stay hydrated .If you are struggling in the colder weather why not try hot water with lemon. 
* Have clean sweet treats -  I have a very sweet tooth I always try to make sure I have something healthy made that is sweet for when that craving arrives.


Renae xx


Winter had truly set in - it has got cold quickly when we have been spoilt with warm weather for so long… 


I know that alot of you are struggling with your motivation and getting out of bed in the morning - 

the thing that I always try to remind myself of is HOW GOOD I FEEL AFTER I WORK OUT and HOW MUCH BETTER MY DAY OR NIGHT FLOWS


Exercise has many benefits as you all know - and for me everything seems to flow well when I do exercise and I’m in a good routine… ( YES we all know I love my routines) 

I see it with alot of people - and I don’t want it to happen to you. This is what I see ALOT


* You stop exercising

* Start eating some of the crappy foods we ate before

* Start making more bad choices with our food - and those choices are now daily occurrences not “treats"

* feel less motivated to go exercise

* Start feeling more tired, grumpy, stressed


Its all a knock on effect - and all that good hard work that you had spent months achieving you now have to re-do!! 

So lets not let this cycle





We can do this together - remember I’m here for you if you need help or advice or a kick up the BUTT

I love hearing from you. 

Renae x 

Whats NEW with Elliott's PT

Since moving to our new location on Fishermans Road Maroochydore at the end of last year we have been able to add in new classes for everyone.
Now running over 16 classes a week there is lots to choose from that work in with everyones lifestyle… we’ve also teamed up with a local nutrition place and holding events to help everyone gain knowledge to better there lifestyle and eating habits. 

MY NEWEST CLASS BOOGIE BOUCNE XTREME is what I really wanted to let you all know about… 

It is classes all done on trampolines. They are not your average trampoline that you see kids jumping on but they are specifically made for exercise.

The are great for people with injuries as its a low impact exercise and something that you can do to really get your heart rate up. 

Contrary to what most people think its actually a really good exercise for your pelvic floor - the jumping helps strengthen your pelvic floor area.
Most people worry that they will pee themselves but it generally improves that area. 

Its a FUN, ENERGETIC, FULL  BODY WORKOUT with a killer conditioning section at the end. 
Definitely worth a try - check out the video on what a class looks like.


Spaces are limited due to the amount of trampolines - check out the timetable below to see what sessions may work for you. Classes are from $15-

If your looking for any more info on the classes or want to join email me info@elliottspersonaltraining.com.au
would love to see you all for a class

Other classes that you may be interested in

Metafit has been running for over a year now and each 4 weeks when new routine comes out we are still being challenged and pushed to our limits. 
Metafit is a 30 minutes HIIT workout - which means that you will work every muscles in your body. Its a workout for all fitness levels and can be tailored to suit everyone injuries and all. 
at the moment we are doing the APE SHAPES workout. 30 minutes is also good for busy Mums and its not to hard to occupy your kids for 30 minutes or even better get them to come and join in! 

THE WILSON RUN has started to become a favourite class of many - its a great way to improve your running… and its suitable for all fitness levels - you pick a tag which has locations on it & we run to that location along the way the faster people may get sent off to do activities while we all run at our own pace then when we get to the location you pick another tag which has a exercise to do on it. we run a average of 5-7 km per class… 

Check out the timetable for my group sessions. Session are from $20- a week for 2 classes or Unlimited classes for $30- for more info just email me

Cooper is now nearly 2 years old - hasn’t time flown - he is still coming to most of my classes and trying to join in when he can… He loves being outdoors and doing all things that boys love - trucks, cars building things you name it he will try. Keeping us all on our toes but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Re - build your CORE


This was me the day before my son was born nearly 2 years ago now

I kept pretty active during my pregnancy - but I didnt realise how much work needed to be done AFTER pregnancy to re-build my core PROPERLY... 

I have always been active after my son was born but time needs to be dedicated to the core. 

I have worked with many Mums & want to spread my message on getting a strong core & re-building your muscles correctly so you can be strong for any more children & no future injuries occur.


* Make sure that you are getting active the right way after birth
* no matter what age your child is you still can re-build your core
* Prevent back pain, injuries by having a strong core

Monday & Wednesday 11am - Sessions held in Buderim. 
45 minute class. Children welcome. 

** Limited Numbers ** for more info contact Renae


Can you believe its June already we are half way through the year already... 

As the weather gets a bit cooler and darker we all seem to want to retreat inside and stay warm... I feel lucky that I live on the Sunshine Coast that I can have winters like we do - especially when I compare them to what the UK winters are like... freezing!!

Lets try to stay motivated this Winter and keep up our training... if you are tempted to hit the snooze button in the morning or drive straight home after work instead of training try to remember this - staying motivated this winter requires one things - you to change your mindset - the weather makes us want to eat more and stay inside but try toalways try to think about the positive effects your actions will have on your life - by keeping active you are reaping all the health benefits of exercise. not to mention reducing stress, increased energy & feeling good about yourself. 
 Have a target or goal that you an work towards to also keep you motivated that could be an event like the Sunshine Coast Marathon or even a wedding.  
Whatever you feel like doing this Winter lets try to stay on track. 



So we are always Chatting about food prep in my classes & it is a BIG PRIORITY of mine! 
Having food organised makes my weeks run so much smoother & I feel better as I alway eat better when I have stuff prepped! 

I always try to make sure I used everything I have in my fridge and don't let anything go to waste. 
I will look at recipes and then alter them to suit what i have
(It changes each week can but be annoying as nothing is ever the same! )
Here is a bit of an idea of what I do

Today I made - 
🍇raspberry jam
Kale pesto
Sweet potato purée
⭐️ They all went into ice cube trays to be frozen 

Made a loaf of bread from buckwheat sweet potato 🍞
🍠Used the sweet potato skins to make crispy chips
⭐️Made my own butter from pure cream then used the butter milk to make pancakes! 
🍒 Salad from leftovers in the fridge it had mint, parsley, buckwheat, pomegranate, zucchini
🍜 soup from carrots & coriander
🍫used the left over buckwheat to make crispy chocolate crackles for Cooper. 
And for first time
Ever made my own Mayo (was pretty good too)

This makes my week so much easier I also have shredded vegetables so can easily use them to make salads etc
And I kept all the vegetable scraps to make stock! 

Hope this helps some
If you if you wanted to prep yourself.


Are you someone that stresses? Are you feeling stressed out? 

Stress is silent some people don’t even realise how stressed they are

Stress can pay a BIG toll on your body and you don’t even realise it


Excess stress can cause headaches, muscle tension, digestive problems, sleep disturbances, depression, and research shows it may also wreak havoc on metabolism. 

Stress is known to be connected to weight gain because a high level of the stress hormone cortisol has been shown to up appetite, drive cravings for “junk” food, and make it so much easier to accumulate belly fat. But latest research shows that stress may also result in burning less calories. 

Don't Let Stress get the better of you- try some of these methods to reduce stress levels.  

Don't Let Stress get the better of you- try some of these methods to reduce stress levels.  


So what can you do to reduce stress levels? 

 - Firstly be aware of yourself and how you are feeling? yes I know this is easier said than done but be aware of how you feeling and admitting that you are feeling stressed can be the start of you feeling better. 

- Then thinking about what is making you feel that way and trying to break it down to deal with it  from there. We all have stresses and we all deal with them differently - stresses at work, with the kids, financial stresses the list goes on. And a lot of people when you ask say no I’m not stressed - but when you think about it - they really are

Other things you can do

- Exercise its always good to take your stresses out on a good workout - smash that Medicine ball down, punch that boxing glove run harder - exercise is known as a great stress reliever. 
- Meditate - it has been said to be good for relaxing and switching off
- ensure that you eat the right food - when we are stressed we tend to go for the wrong foods the ones that are known to us as comfort food and then it can sometimes make us feel worse
- Listen to music or watch your favourite TV show a way that you can switch off
- try to get as much sleep as you can it is a vicious cycle but lack of sleep can cause stress
- talk to a friend whats the saying a problem shared is a problem halved. 

Its just something that you can all be aware of - so you are feeling better and getting the most out of each day. 


45 seconds each activity - 15 seconds rest - 4-6 rounds
for the 45 seconds you are to go as hard as you can 


Pushup Jacks
Mountain Climbers
Air Boxing
Knee High Run



Plan your week

I just wanted to remind you the importance of PLANNING.
I know for a fact when Im organised my week go so much smoother - Here are some good ideas…

We all lead a busy lifestyle, but you can still squeeze in a workout or a healthy meal between stops, phone calls and meetings, make daily fitness a priority.
Here is some tips to get through the week.

Monday -Success day
Get a jump on your week. Set your alarm a few minutes earlier today so you can enjoy a cardio workout. This will start your day with a sense of healthy accomplishment and will get that heart pumping. Take a brisk morning walk or run – try interval training 2 min at a higher level 1 minute at a lower level. Or run between street poles – YOU CAN DO IT. Start the week off with a bang!!

Tuesday Tip
Use exercise to relieve some of that stress. A short walk outside or on top of our challenge will make you feel like a million dollars in just an hour. You may be a bit sore afterwards but just think of those muscles working hard to repair stronger and leaner!
Don’t forget your extra litre of water for every 1 hour of exercise your do – on top of your 2 litres a day… gulp!!

Wednesday – Healthy Hump day
Hump day for most can mean health day for you. Use Wednesday as the day to eat at least 2 additional servings of fruits and vegetables. Today is also the day to do a activity you LOVE – whether its paddling, surfing, pole dancing, zumba classes, an extra weight session – make sure you do something for yourself that you love!!

Thursday – I can see the finish line
You can see Friday on the horizon like the finish line of your last race. We have our challenge session today to get you through to Friday – Think of a full body workout as your rocket fuel. The session will help you get through to the weekend

TGIF – Thank God its Friday!
The weekend is the easiest time to sabotage all of the hard work you did throughout the week. – so let’s use today to prepare for the weekend & make sure we don’t sabotage our week take some extra time to do some relaxing stretches & reflect it on your weekend plans. You can also kick start the weekend with a early morning session of your favourite activity whether its body weight exercises before work or a run outside – let’s get the weekend started with a good work out!!

Most of you wont be working today – but if you are you can still make sure you relax in the evening. Remember Saturday as a kid? Well, use this day to refuel your inner child. Play some games, go for a hike or try a Zumba class. Your favorite activity is what Saturday is all about.

Sunday–the laziest day of the week
It’s easy to be lazy on the weekend, but you can still use your day training session. Play your favorite sport at the park or get in that long workout that is difficult during the hectic week. Also, take a few minutes to plan for the upcoming week. Choose which days might be best for your workouts, then schedule some exercise time and commit to it. Planning your week out is one of the best things to do you will then have thing organised , be more committed & feel great about your week ahead.

Why having a Strong Core is important

Some may think that having a washboard pair of abs isn't necessary or its unachievable so why bother working your core out?
Firstly anything is possible if you put your mind to it.
Secondly  having a strong core is vital. It helps us in all aspects of our lives.

Probably for more things that you know… In our everyday lives having a strong core helps with

COMPUTER WORK- sitting at a computer can put serious strain on your body. Having a strong core can take stress off your lower back & other body parts.

LIFTING -lifting everyday objects such as taking out the trash, moving furniture, carrying in food shopping or carrying luggage. 

WALKING - having  strong core enables you to take in more oxygen during every breath as well as giving you balance. 

POSTURE - With a strong core you are able to sit and stand straight a lot easier. Having good posture also takes pressure off your lower back. 

SInce having a baby I've had to re- work my core. It has really shown me the importance of developing and maintaing strong core muscles. I am trying to spread the message to all of you. 


You can set aside time to work on your core. 
At night or in the morning fit in a 15 minute core session. 
Planking is probably the best way you could develop a strong core safely. You need to make sure you have the correct technique for planking

* Elbows are to be in line with your shoulder
* Weight should be pushed slightly forward
* Engage your core & make sure your spine is neutral
*legs should be hip width apart or on your knees until you gain strength.. 

PRACTICE YOUR PLANK DAILY and you will be surprise how quickly you will start to gain core strength. 

You Can also try this at home AB work out

Why Is good Technique important

I'm sure if you do my classes you have heard me say things like - Put your abs on, keep your shoulders back, make sure your knee lines up with your toes

There is a very good reason for it… Im not saying it just to chat or pick on you. I want you to get the most out of each exercise and each session. Having correct technique will ensure that you are targeting the right muscles, prevent strains, strains & injuries.

The better form you have the better results your going to get. if you are doing a exercise and feel that your form is starting to fail then STOP - SLOW DOWN

Choose the easier version of that exercise -
** It may be not to go so deep on squat
** Go on your knees instead of your toes when doing Push ups
Speak to me for me to give your an alternative.

Now don't think this is an invitation for you to take an easy option when doing your workout. When you have proper form and you are working to the best of your ability you will get the results you are looking for. So try as hard as you can for as long as you can to do the exercise with correct technique.

I just want you to all be aware of your technique -
**Think about what your doing
** What muscles we are trying to target ( Ive been trying to remind your of this myself)
** Sometimes fastest is not always the best - Slow things down and ensure you are doing them properly. This can be referred to as time under tension which refers to the time the muscles are under strain.

it is also hard when we all have a little bit of competitiveness in us ( sometimes we can be competitive) and we want to be up the front winning not the last one to finish - this may cause i to rush and not do things properly.
If this is the case for you SLOW DOWN STOP & try to think that as long as I'm doing my exercise properly and to the best of my ability them I'm going to get the best results I can. By rushing i may have not come last but how much did my body benefit from it?

and remember thats why I'm here to make sure you get the most out of your workout