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Pre & Post Pregnancy Training 

As a certified Pre & post natal coach exercise during and after pregnancy is something I'm very passionate about. 

I have classes that are specific for Mums who have just had babies. Here we work on rebuilding the muscles that are most affected from Pregnancy. I place a strong focus on core strength. 

 Exercise during pregnancy is important not only for the your own mental health but it is said to help in pregnancy & birth. During pregnancy we go through many changes - classes are tailored to suit Mums and each individual situation.

At Elliott's PT we have a great community of Mums who are all in the same position. After having your baby you can sometimes feel isolated & that you don't get to speak to adults or do something for yourself. Starting a exercise regime can not only help your body but also your mental health. 


Join in my 10am Sessions Tuesday & Thursday for Pre and Post Pregnancy Exercise 


EMPOWERING women to feel good about THEMSELVES & stay active 

As a mum we have many roles to do an quite often we forget about ourselves... Its important to have something that is for you. 

Keeping active is a great way to de stress, feel great about yourself & have more energy. 



Keeping active after babies is something very important to me. Being active after the birth of my Son in 2014 helped my mental health. With all the changes that go on after you have a baby it was good to be able to get back to doing something specifically for me. 

I created classes that were child friendly as I didn't want to put him in a creche. I love it that my son wants to join in with me when exercising. It sends a great message to the kids and they want to be more active to. 

Classes are tailored specifically to your individual needs to ensure that you can get to best results possible 



Exercise during pregnancy can not only help you with your pregnancy & labour. It can also benefit your recovery. Mums who have exercised during pregnancy have said to have a better recovery if they kept active during pregnancy. 

Classes starting in 2018 specifically for pregnant women. Keeping them active & strengthening the areas most affected doing pregnancy. 

Becoming pregnant is one of the most exciting things that can happen to you but it doesn't have to mean you need to stop exercising and doing the things you love.