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What an HONOUR - TOP 10 PT



I was totally honoured to be mentioned in the top 10 Personal Trainers of the Sunshine Coast a few weeks ago - I just thought that I must write something on here to show my appreciation. 

I FEEL SO LUCKY I have the best job in the world - I get to meet amazing people and work with them to help them achieve there goals. Everyone is different & that is what makes us all unique. 


I get to be outdoors in the beautiful parks and beaches most days & coming from a desk job previously it truly is amazing!


Its a honour to work with all the people I do - We have been through lots together - joy, tears, bumps backwards then forwards! The biggest reward is seeing everyone achieve your goals and get to where you want to be. Hearing people say they feel confident within themselves, they feel happy and satisfied. Hearing people say they now can run after there children which they couldn’t before - that in itself makes my job so rewarding. 



 I love hearing how people now see fitness as a way of life not a chore, how some are making different choices with there food & I truly love seeing parents work out in front of there kids. What a great message to be sending to your kids. 


It was overwhelming seeing everyones responses - support and encouragement. Something I will remember - I  am always trying to find ways to make my sessions fun so you don’t get bored with exercise. I want to always keep your body guessing so you are always getting results. I truly care about everyone who is part of the Elliott’s PT community and feel special that we have such a great bond between us all - so thank you for all your votes. Its nice to be appreciated. 

Renae x