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Food is your friend

FOOD IS YOUR FREIND -Don't be afraid of food - it’s VITAL. Food give us our energy & is said to be 80% of your results - so with great workouts we need to make sure that we are eating to right foods. I believe in eating as little processed food as possible and trying to make everything I can from scratch. I’m not a chef - I have taught myself how to live a clean healthy lifestyle. I notice a difference when I eat badly in my mood & energy levels. I feel more tired. Knowing the side effects of eating badly is what motivates me to make sure that I eat as well as I can?
Being organised is the key and planning ahead. I believe that eating the right foods regularly is the key to a healthy lifestyle. I personally try to have 5 meals a day. This is what my day generally looks like for eating.
7.00am Breakfast
10.00 am Snack
12.30pm Lunch
3.00 Snack
6.30 Dinner
Have a look at what you’re eating and some ways that you can replace some not so healthy items for healthier items
For example
Soft drink- swap that for water
Pasta - swap for zucchini or corguettes
Rice - swap for greater cauliflower
Cheese - try cottage Cheese
Cereal or toast for breakfast - try a meat breakfast 100g of mince with green beans
Flavoured Yoghurt - Try Greek Yoghurt
Wine or beer - swap for spirit and soda
Look at the sugars on the back of all packets of food. When items are labelled LOW FAT they are not necessarily the best option. Sometimes the low fat options of food have been tampered with so much it has more sugars in it than the FULL FAT PRODUCT. Check the back of your labels - if it has too many different ingredients of things you don't even know then maybe it’s better to choose something that is less processed.
When getting frozen meals or things off the shelves I always think how can it last so long on a shelve - what has been added to it to preserve the product.
When going food shopping it is said you really don't need to go down the middle isles you can do all of your shopping on the perimeter.
Look at your portion size - Are you eating meals that are too big for you? I believe your plate should be loaded with vegetables and salads and you should have about 100g of meat. Most of the plate should be your green vegetables.
Some studies have shown people that use smaller size plates tend to not eat as much. Where if you have large plates you generally want to fill it up.

Are you snacking on the wrong foods? I try not to have any sweets or crisps in the house. Only because I know that I will be tempted to eat them if they are there. If I don't have things organised I will tend to snack on things that I can get my hands on quickly. By having meals prepared and frozen I can grab a healthier option that is going to be better for me.
Lastly try to think of your body as a car engine - if you fill up your car with the wrong fuel is it going to run efficiently. Give your body what it needs & what is going to make it run the best it can. 
DRINKING WATER is vital try to drink a minimum of 2 litres a day and an extra litre for every hour you exercise. - We are made up of over 50% water don't let yourself get hydrated. Try to keep a water bottle with you at all times so you can sip away.
SLEEP is also just as important. When we are sleeping our bodies are repairing themselves and recovering from exercise. Try to have at least 6-8 hours sleep a night. 

DE STRESS - Try to relax as much as you can. We all have different stresses in our lives family, work, kids etc. Some of us when we are stressed tend to take it out on food -"I’m stressed I need a chocolate bar" we can all be emotional eaters - be conscious of how your feeling and when you do when you feel that way. When we are stressed the stress hormone cortisol is released in our bodies & can be responsible to certain stress related changes in our bodies. Exercise can be a great stress release. Take out your stresses on your workout - you generally will feel better after - I know I do


Renae x