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So we are always Chatting about food prep in my classes & it is a BIG PRIORITY of mine! 
Having food organised makes my weeks run so much smoother & I feel better as I alway eat better when I have stuff prepped! 

I always try to make sure I used everything I have in my fridge and don't let anything go to waste. 
I will look at recipes and then alter them to suit what i have
(It changes each week can but be annoying as nothing is ever the same! )
Here is a bit of an idea of what I do

Today I made - 
🍇raspberry jam
Kale pesto
Sweet potato purée
⭐️ They all went into ice cube trays to be frozen 

Made a loaf of bread from buckwheat sweet potato 🍞
🍠Used the sweet potato skins to make crispy chips
⭐️Made my own butter from pure cream then used the butter milk to make pancakes! 
🍒 Salad from leftovers in the fridge it had mint, parsley, buckwheat, pomegranate, zucchini
🍜 soup from carrots & coriander
🍫used the left over buckwheat to make crispy chocolate crackles for Cooper. 
And for first time
Ever made my own Mayo (was pretty good too)

This makes my week so much easier I also have shredded vegetables so can easily use them to make salads etc
And I kept all the vegetable scraps to make stock! 

Hope this helps some
If you if you wanted to prep yourself.