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Whats NEW with Elliott's PT

Since moving to our new location on Fishermans Road Maroochydore at the end of last year we have been able to add in new classes for everyone.
Now running over 16 classes a week there is lots to choose from that work in with everyones lifestyle… we’ve also teamed up with a local nutrition place and holding events to help everyone gain knowledge to better there lifestyle and eating habits. 

MY NEWEST CLASS BOOGIE BOUCNE XTREME is what I really wanted to let you all know about… 

It is classes all done on trampolines. They are not your average trampoline that you see kids jumping on but they are specifically made for exercise.

The are great for people with injuries as its a low impact exercise and something that you can do to really get your heart rate up. 

Contrary to what most people think its actually a really good exercise for your pelvic floor - the jumping helps strengthen your pelvic floor area.
Most people worry that they will pee themselves but it generally improves that area. 

Its a FUN, ENERGETIC, FULL  BODY WORKOUT with a killer conditioning section at the end. 
Definitely worth a try - check out the video on what a class looks like. 

Spaces are limited due to the amount of trampolines - check out the timetable below to see what sessions may work for you. Classes are from $15-

If your looking for any more info on the classes or want to join email me
would love to see you all for a class

Other classes that you may be interested in

Metafit has been running for over a year now and each 4 weeks when new routine comes out we are still being challenged and pushed to our limits. 
Metafit is a 30 minutes HIIT workout - which means that you will work every muscles in your body. Its a workout for all fitness levels and can be tailored to suit everyone injuries and all. 
at the moment we are doing the APE SHAPES workout. 30 minutes is also good for busy Mums and its not to hard to occupy your kids for 30 minutes or even better get them to come and join in! 

THE WILSON RUN has started to become a favourite class of many - its a great way to improve your running… and its suitable for all fitness levels - you pick a tag which has locations on it & we run to that location along the way the faster people may get sent off to do activities while we all run at our own pace then when we get to the location you pick another tag which has a exercise to do on it. we run a average of 5-7 km per class… 

Check out the timetable for my group sessions. Session are from $20- a week for 2 classes or Unlimited classes for $30- for more info just email me

Cooper is now nearly 2 years old - hasn’t time flown - he is still coming to most of my classes and trying to join in when he can… He loves being outdoors and doing all things that boys love - trucks, cars building things you name it he will try. Keeping us all on our toes but I wouldn’t have it any other way.