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Can you believe its June already we are half way through the year already... 

As the weather gets a bit cooler and darker we all seem to want to retreat inside and stay warm... I feel lucky that I live on the Sunshine Coast that I can have winters like we do - especially when I compare them to what the UK winters are like... freezing!!

Lets try to stay motivated this Winter and keep up our training... if you are tempted to hit the snooze button in the morning or drive straight home after work instead of training try to remember this - staying motivated this winter requires one things - you to change your mindset - the weather makes us want to eat more and stay inside but try toalways try to think about the positive effects your actions will have on your life - by keeping active you are reaping all the health benefits of exercise. not to mention reducing stress, increased energy & feeling good about yourself. 
 Have a target or goal that you an work towards to also keep you motivated that could be an event like the Sunshine Coast Marathon or even a wedding.  
Whatever you feel like doing this Winter lets try to stay on track.