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Why Is good Technique important

I'm sure if you do my classes you have heard me say things like - Put your abs on, keep your shoulders back, make sure your knee lines up with your toes

There is a very good reason for it… Im not saying it just to chat or pick on you. I want you to get the most out of each exercise and each session. Having correct technique will ensure that you are targeting the right muscles, prevent strains, strains & injuries.

The better form you have the better results your going to get. if you are doing a exercise and feel that your form is starting to fail then STOP - SLOW DOWN

Choose the easier version of that exercise -
** It may be not to go so deep on squat
** Go on your knees instead of your toes when doing Push ups
Speak to me for me to give your an alternative.

Now don't think this is an invitation for you to take an easy option when doing your workout. When you have proper form and you are working to the best of your ability you will get the results you are looking for. So try as hard as you can for as long as you can to do the exercise with correct technique.

I just want you to all be aware of your technique -
**Think about what your doing
** What muscles we are trying to target ( Ive been trying to remind your of this myself)
** Sometimes fastest is not always the best - Slow things down and ensure you are doing them properly. This can be referred to as time under tension which refers to the time the muscles are under strain.

it is also hard when we all have a little bit of competitiveness in us ( sometimes we can be competitive) and we want to be up the front winning not the last one to finish - this may cause i to rush and not do things properly.
If this is the case for you SLOW DOWN STOP & try to think that as long as I'm doing my exercise properly and to the best of my ability them I'm going to get the best results I can. By rushing i may have not come last but how much did my body benefit from it?

and remember thats why I'm here to make sure you get the most out of your workout