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Why having a Strong Core is important

Some may think that having a washboard pair of abs isn't necessary or its unachievable so why bother working your core out?
Firstly anything is possible if you put your mind to it.
Secondly  having a strong core is vital. It helps us in all aspects of our lives.

Probably for more things that you know… In our everyday lives having a strong core helps with

COMPUTER WORK- sitting at a computer can put serious strain on your body. Having a strong core can take stress off your lower back & other body parts.

LIFTING -lifting everyday objects such as taking out the trash, moving furniture, carrying in food shopping or carrying luggage. 

WALKING - having  strong core enables you to take in more oxygen during every breath as well as giving you balance. 

POSTURE - With a strong core you are able to sit and stand straight a lot easier. Having good posture also takes pressure off your lower back. 

SInce having a baby I've had to re- work my core. It has really shown me the importance of developing and maintaing strong core muscles. I am trying to spread the message to all of you. 


You can set aside time to work on your core. 
At night or in the morning fit in a 15 minute core session. 
Planking is probably the best way you could develop a strong core safely. You need to make sure you have the correct technique for planking

* Elbows are to be in line with your shoulder
* Weight should be pushed slightly forward
* Engage your core & make sure your spine is neutral
*legs should be hip width apart or on your knees until you gain strength.. 

PRACTICE YOUR PLANK DAILY and you will be surprise how quickly you will start to gain core strength. 

You Can also try this at home AB work out