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How hard do you work?

I want you to think about a few things when your training. Can I push myself harder ? If the answer is YES then what are you doing – lets push yourself for the whole time you are active.

Remember there is 168 hours in a week and I only see you for 2-3 hours out of that!

So for that time I do see you guys I want you to be working at your maximum and getting the most out of your training session. Your time is important & we all have so much to fit into our weeks so when we are training let’s not waste a minute by not working as hard as we can. So when we are doing activities I want you to push yourself that bit extra and make it around that one more time or to do those extra activities… It will all be worth it… If you feel that you aren’t sore or feeling it after each session then you need to step it up and work harder so you are pushing yourself to your limits!! I want you to get fantastic results and achieve your goals!

So at the end of each session I want you to ask yourself – how hard did I work & give yourself a rating out of 10:

  • 10 being – Yep I worked my butt off, pushed myself to the limits & couldn’t do any more
  • Down to
  • 1 being – Did I do an exercise?

I hope no one ever gives themselves a 1 or below 6 So think about it while your training and lets aim to give ourselves a rating of 8 and above!